Mountainscapes: Watercolor & Ink 

for beginners to intermediate levels 

July 28th & 29th, 2018,  10 am to 12 pm

Learn techniques in wet on wet gradients, layering, taping off sections, blotting and pen over watercolor during this workshop.  Britta's drawing exercises will open your mind, soften your worries and allow you to establish a strong foundation for all future painting practices. Become familiar with materials, focus on techniques and create a finished final painting with the influence of Britta's unique approach to watercolor and ink. 

Teacher: Britta Alberecht has a bachelor’s degree in fine art, a strong foundation in drawing, painting, and design and has been a lifelong artist.

Cost:  $180 +tax , for the 2 day workshop, all materials included


Painting Outdoors

for beginning oil painters

August 25th and 26th, 2018, 10- 12pm,  $450, all materials for the course included

Learn basic oil painting techniques and a beautiful outdoor setting. This workshop will introduce how to create a color/light study, composition with basic drawing techniques and creating a completed oil painting from life. 

Teacher: Jillian Mazur has a degree in painting and teaching, she studied classical drawing and painting with artists, Anthony Ryder, Michelle Tully and Timothy Stotz, She has 10 years of teaching experience with children and adults.