Afterschool Art Class

ages 5 - 11

Afterschool Painting Classes for children ages  5 - 12 combine fun art experiences with art appreciation.  This is a class for children who love being creative. Classes are designed to improve skills in drawing and painting, as well as enrich a child's  love of art and art history. Each lesson introduces a famous artist or piece of art and relates it to an topic such as, perspective, color theory or balance. Children will  enjoy dedicating longer periods of time to one painting.

Afterschool Art Class
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WInter 2019: 


 5 - 6 pm


Jan. 17            Ganesha Paintings Watercolor and Ink

Jan. 24            The Starry Night in 3D (Plasticine)

Jan. 31          Nefertiti in Oil and Chalk Pastel     

Feb. 7            Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Mosaic

Feb. 14 Salvador Dali Mixed Media Sculptures

Feb. 21 The Great Wave Pop-Up in Graphite

Feb. 28 Picasso Blue Period Collage

March 7 Kandinsky Composition VIII Mobiles



or $275 for all 8 Classes

all materials included

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Jillian Mazur has a Bachelor's of Fine Art in painting with a teaching certification for pre-k through 12th grade. She has 10 years of teaching experience. Jillian's favorite thing about teaching elementary-age students is witnessing their self-awareness grow along with their creative expression.

J.F. Mazur Studio Advanced Afterschool students at the National Gallery in DC