Fine Art for Homeschoolers:

Homeschool classes are designed to introduce children to fine art materials, concepts and techniques while fostering an appreciation for master artists. 

Classes are designed to reach each age and skill level. The high quality materials and lesson topics allow children to connect deeply to each project. The small class size and positive classroom atmosphere provides an encouraging space for self-expression and collaboration. 

Winter 2019:

(contact the Studio for Times and Dates)

The following lesson topics will be offered on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Series I

(During the week of)

Jan. 14            Ganesha Paintings Watercolor and Ink

Jan. 21            The Starry Night in 3D (Plasticine)

Jan. 28          Nefertiti in Oil and Chalk Pastel     

Feb. 4            Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Mosaic


SEries II

Feb. 11 Salvador Dali Mixed Media Sculptures

Feb. 18 The Great Wave Pop-Up in Graphite

Feb. 25 Picasso Blue Period Collage

March 4 Kandinsky Composition VIII Mobiles

Jillian is a gifted artist and amazing teacher. Her programs are well organized and bring out the best in her students. We can’t say enough wonderful things about her. We give her the highest recommendation possible!!
— Tiffany B., Homeschool mother of two, Oakland, MD


                            $35 PER CLASS

                 OR $265 FOR ALL 8 CLASSES

                                                   all materials included


Jillian Mazur has a BFA in Painting and a teaching certification for pre-k through 12th grade. She has 10 years of professional teaching experience with preschool, elementary and secondary age students and over 6 years of experience teaching Homeschool students at her studio.

Jillian's favorite part of teaching is witnessing the insightful interpretations children have of famous works of art and art concepts. She believes it is never too early to introduce children to famous art and great art making materials.